Posted on Apr 22, 2018

This week's Q-Tip for Business: Extraordinary (or as our cousins overseas would pronounce it--exstrawdnaree)

Anyway, how do linguists come up with this stuff. Break that word apart and you get extra-ordinary.

Um, I don't know about you but "ordinary" is not the way I would like to be branded--even worse "extra" of that!

So, today's Q-Tip is about being extra-remarkable or simply "out of the ordinary".

What steps are you taking to let potential customers know of your unique selling proposition? Are you even looking at your competitors online and thinking of way to stand apart from them? Take a moment and review what they are currently doing to market themselves and UP YOUR GAME.

Do they use videos? If not, YOU use them. Is their website engaging visitors? If not, make sure yours' does. BTW, you DO have a website that's mobile-friendly, right?

What was your answer to those questions--"NO"? Need I say more?

Apply today's Q-Tip and see better results this month.
[ Here's a funny video on language link: ]
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